Turning your ideas into business: My Story

Photo of a glowing lightbulbWhere do you start, taking an idea, or your dream, and turning it into a business?

Working for myself has always been at the back of my mind, but for a long time, it was the ideas, rather than the desire, that were lacking.

After becoming a mum, I came across the Digital Mums social media programme, which I completed in September 2015. This gave me not only the tools to work for myself, but a renewed desire for professional independence. It also made me realise that working for myself would be the best way to gain the flexibility I needed to be there for my family.

However, I didn’t want to restrict myself to just social media, so I started to think about my other skills and experience. I have always loved working with people, especially when my help leads to benefits for them (and their organisation!), so I decided to bring both sets of expertise together.

Isanda Consulting was born in January 2017, bringing together my expertise in business growth and development, social media, and my passion for helping others to succeed. Plus, it represents my family – the word being formed from my, my husband’s and my daughter’s names.

So for anyone else dreaming big, here are my top 5 tips for turning your dreams and ideas into a business:

  1. Focus on your passions – if you aren’t passionate about your business and its aims, why would potential customers believe in you?
  2. Research, research, research – be sure of your market, and check out your competition!
  3. Do the maths – what money do you need to start, where will it come from, and how much do you think you will make?
  4. Talk to your family – starting a business isn’t a lone pursuit. You need support, you need a critical friend, and when you take the ‘big leap’ your family take it with you!
  5. Be brave – you only get one chance at life. Don’t be someone who ends up dwelling on the ‘what if…?’

I would love to hear about your ideas and dreams for your business, and I’d love to chat about how I might be able to help you develop them, so get in touch today!

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