What’s in a brand?

What exactly is a brand?

The Oxford Dictionary defines a brand as “a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name”. When it comes to your business though, your brand is what you’re offering to your customers. It’s your promise to them. It’s what you as a business are all about. Any logo, strapline or other templates or standards that you then develop, become your ‘voice’, or the means you use to get your offer and your promise across.

But how does ‘personal brand’ fit in?

Your website, marketing materials and so on aren’t the only things that speak for your business. You do, too. Your personal brand covers everything from how you present yourself in person and through images; to what you say both online, and when you meet people. It covers the way you look and the way you behave; what you write and what you say. All of these things reflect on how both you and your business come across to potential customers and collaborators.

Photo of Anna Verghese


For example, when Isanda Consulting was created, part of that journey was to establish how I wanted to come across as a consultant. Did I want to target corporate clients, having meetings in their offices? Or did I want to help startups, one man bands and early stage companies who perhaps don’t yet have office space of their own? Smart attire and a more formal approach would be the most appropriate personal brand for the former, but for the latter, I decided that a more informal, friendly and approachable position was better. This approach suits me far better as a person, but more importantly it also works better for the kind of customer I would like to support.

Luckily, when I was building my brand, I met the amazing Stephanie, from Summers Photography. She did a wonderful job in getting to know me and to understand the brand that I wanted to create.


Now Stephanie and I, along with Lizzie from Lizzie Parsons Image Consultancy have combined our skills to create:

#BrandYourself2018 – Style. Image. Online.

A day-long workshop to help other business owners to discover their own personal brand, and to work on strategies to realise it, both through style, in person and through social media. Every business owner joining us will also have the opportunity for a photoshoot on the day, with 10 photos to help them turn their new personal brand into a vital part of their business. Tickets for our next #BrandYourself2018 workshop can be booked here, and we can’t want to see how fabulous your personal brand can be!

Brand Yourself 2018

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