Personal Brands: What does yours say about you?

What’s the difference between a business and personal brand?

First off, did I mention I love social media coaching for both business and personal brands? With social ad spend predicted to overtake TV ad spend for thePhoto of Anna Verghese first time in 2018, having a strong presence on online is vital in today’s world. That’s one reason why I really enjoy working with my coaching clients. They’re also all fabulous people, and I’m privileged to be able to help them with their social media journey.

Some of them need guidance on making sure their business is on the most appropriate channels, and how to make the most of it when they’re there. Many of them need help establishing a social media strategy. Others need advice on how to present their product or service in the most effective way, and others need more technical support.

The vast majority are focused solely on their business brand, and apart from a (more often than not!) nervousness when I mention the words ‘Live’ and ‘Video’, their own role in promoting their brand as the owner, has never been front and centre. So why is this important? Because having a good personal brand online allows your audience to put a face to the business brand that they (might!) already know!

So what could a strong personal brand mean for your business?

Here are just a few ideas:

  1. It allows you to tell your story as a person and as a business owner. Not just the story behind your business. Your company will of course have its own tale to tell, but adding your own story can add so much value!
  2. It allows you to network, and build relationships as an individual, rather than as a faceless entity. To expect an influencer to discover and fall in love with your business Facebook page might be something of a challenge, but to build a relationship with them as an individual on Twitter could be something far more achievable.
  3. It allows you to add value by giving back. Sharing causes you champion, or showing how you support others, speaks volumes of you as a person, but by extension, it also speaks volumes about the leadership of your business.
  4. It facilitates personal development. Engaging with best practice or more theoretical types of content as a business, may simply not be appropriate. However, being seen to engage as the owner, demonstrates knowledge, commitment and professionalism, which again is vital to the success of a brand.
  5. It enables cross-promotion. By expanding your networks outside of those associated with your core business, you will indirectly bring people into your company’s inner circle.

And what’s involved in establishing your personal brand?

Your personal brand is about how you dress and style yourself. It’s about how you present yourself both in person and through images and video. About what you say both on and offline. When and how you say it.

In my case, it was about the kind of consultant and coach that I wanted to be, and the kinds of clients I wanted to have. It was about being professional and knowledgeable, but relaxed and approachable. It was about being true to myself and my values.

#BrandYourself2018 teamThe reality is that people focus so much on their business brand, that they forget about the face behind the name. So I, along with my colleagues Lizzie from Lizzie Parsons Image Consultancy, and Stephanie from Summers Photography and made it our mission to help people to discover, capture and make the most of their Personal Brand!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mum Boss, a startup founder, or from a corporate background – if you want to learn to make your personal brand work for you, join us on one of our workshops!

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