Projects and events – l can manage them for you

Do you need to deliver a significant project or event, but just don’t have the resources?


When a major project or event is planned, the resources required can take its toll on a small business. The amount of organisation and project management involved takes staff away from their day to day work, and can mean that customers might have to wait just that little bit longer. Sometimes though, ‘business as usual’ must take priority and the project or event has to be put on hold, perhaps resulting in missed opportunities.

Do you simply want to entrust your project to an expert who can manage it for you?

Project Management Checklist

As an experienced project manager, my exceptional organisational skills and relationship management expertise mean that I can provide all of the extra resource that you need to both deliver the project, and maintain your ‘day to day’.

Services offered include:

  • Support with the scoping of a major event or project
  • Sourcing of appropriate venues that can deliver your event to a high standard and within budget
  • Management of invitations and responses
  • On-the-day co-ordination, including liaising with venue staff, welcoming guests, and generally ensuring that the event runs as smoothly as possible
  • Overall project management.

If you need some support to go beyond the day to day, and deliver the extraordinary, get in touch today!