Relationship building

Connecting you to the right people


Illustration of a handshakeIt’s not always necessary to do everything in-house, and collaborations with people outside of your organisation can lead to some of the most innovative and exciting projects.

External collaborators can bring the scientific or technical expertise you need to develop a product or service, or the knowledge of cutting-edge research and academic thinking to create something first to market.

There are also many different mechanisms through which these partnerships can be delivered, ranging from placements with university students, to short term consultancy, collaborative R&D and both commercial and blue-sky development.

Not sure where to find project partners, or even why they might want to work with you?


One of my greatest passions lies in bringing the right people together to build relationships and achieve success, and this has been a recurring theme throughout my career so far. I can help you to identify the type of expertise you need, discover who might be able to provide it, and then support you in making the approach. I aim to help you develop a successful, mutually beneficial collaboration and where appropriate, a long term partnership.

It might also be appropriate to apply for funding to support these kinds of relationships and collaborations – please see our Funding page for more information.