Project name:

Laura Olivia – Social Media Strategy

Project description:

Laura Olivia LogoThe Laura Olivia studio is a surface pattern design house, specialising in print design for the interiors, stationery and fashion markets. In existence since 2010, the studio has received commissions from a wide range of high profile clients, including Wilkinson, Dunelm, and Tesco. Laura has also developed her own range of homewares which have been featured in publications including The Independent, Vogue, and House Beautiful.

The studio approached Isanda Consulting in early 2017 requesting advice and support with their social media. Discussions focussed on:

  • Strategy development
  • Channel optimisation and guidance on best practice
  • Development of a social media USP
  • Techniques to maximise return with limited resources.

Following the consultation with Isanda, the studio immediately implemented some of the tips on best practice that she was given, particularly in ensuring that her feeds look as visually appealing as possible.

At Isanda’s suggestion, Laura is also working on injecting more of her personality into her social media presence, including through increased engagement with other users. One major change was participation in Tweet Chats for the first time, which has led to an increased following.

As well as the quick wins, Laura has also been working on her social media strategy and really questioning who her target audience is and what their likes and dislikes are, and developing and tailoring her content to better meet their needs.